Envisioned as an experimental platform that collects and features diverse practices of care performed by people from all walks of life, Care Index currently manifests as live and digital workshops, text and moving image. Care Index may also be used as a score, where movements can be translated and reinterpreted by the audience, potentially offering tools for resistance and transference of sensations of well-being and aliveness to others.
Care index was initiated in Dec 2020 as part of the larger artistic research project on care practices, building on a previous collaborative project titled "Between Earth and Sky", which was developed with collaborating artists Sharda Harrison, Ajunta Anwari and a group of caregivers in Singapore.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Care Index has been recently presented at The Listening Biennial, Assembly for Permacircular Museums (ZKM, Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe), Networked Bodies (Gillman Barracks, Singapore), Asia-Art-Activism’s New Season of Care and Presence of Mind (Gallery Lane Cove, NSW, Australia).

For on-going projects and events visit: care index.net
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