With Singapore facing its deepest economic recession, there is a growing sense amongst the people of this island republic that their government cannot always be expected to provide all the answers to their shared problems, that oftentimes, the answers lie within themselves. This also means a loosening of state strictures that have hitherto dominated social political debate within the republic. This loosening has also been hastened by the space that the internet allows.
The Air Conditioned Recession – A Singapore Survey, will attempt to address some of the underlying issues that remain under the surface by mining existing works by Singaporean artists created in the past few years.
Participating Artists: Alecia Neo, Amanda Heng, Alan Oei, Cheo Chai-hiang, Ghazi Alqudcy & Ezzam Rahman, Jason Lim, Jason Wee, Jimmy Ong, Jing Quek, Junaidi Waee, Lynn Lu, Michael Lee, Safaruddin Abdul Hamid, Tang Da Wu and Tan Seow Wei.
Paradise Lost - Singapore ​​​​​​​
12 – 30 August 2009
2902 Photo Gallery, Old School, 11B Mount Sophia, #B2-09​​​​​​​
Presented by 2902 Photo Gallery
Paradise Lost is a project which seeks to redefine the boundaries of documentary photography and to influence traditional perceptions surrounding the medium.
Curated by emerging photographer Robert Zhao, the exhibition will feature the works of Alecia Neo, Ang Song Nian, Shannon Castleman, Eiffel Chong, Liana Yang and Koh Yee Ling – young photographers from Singapore and the region brought together through an open call. Collectively, their works explore the relationship of time, space and light to the sense of ‘real-time’ continuity that characterises the category of documentary photography.
Alecia Neo’s “Home Visits” will be exhibited as part of the 2nd Singapore International Photography Festival, 2010. 2902 Gallery Curated by Mr Yasufumi Nakamori (Japan/United States of America), Assistant Curator of Photography, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Curators for the 2nd SIPF 2010 are
Mr Ark Fongsmut (Thailand)
Director of Bangkok University Gallery
Ms Bridget Tracy Tan (Singapore)
Director of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery
Mr Chow Chee Yong (Singapore)
Lecturer of Temasek Polytechnic
Mr Yasufumi Nakamori (Japan/United States of America)
Assistant Curator of Photography, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
OCTOBER 22 – 26 2010
Selected work from Alecia Neo’s “Home Visits” will be exhibited.

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