Alecia Neo develops long-term projects that involve collaborative partnerships with individuals communities and networks. Her socially engaged practice unfolds primarily through photography, video, and participatory workshops that address modes of radical hospitality, caregiving, and wellbeing. Her recent projects include Care Index, an experimental platform that collects and features diverse practices of care performed by people from all walks of life. Care Index was initiated in Dec 2020 as part of the larger artistic research project on care practices, building on a previous collaborative project titled, Between Earth and Sky, which was developed with a group of caregivers in Singapore. She is the co-founder of Brack, a platform for socially engaged art and Ubah Rumah Residency. Alecia was the recipient of the Young Artist Award in 2016.

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Care Index (2020)
ramah-tamah (2020)
Tracing the evolution of regional hospitality rituals, performed by women, centred around the betel leaf (an evergreen creeper vine), ramah-tamah explores how the ancient act of chewing on a betel quid reverberates through our past, present, and future.
Modern Resonance: Power to the People (2019)
"Modern Resonance" pays tribute to the hardware and software of a power station – its utilitarian principles and generations of workers. Artists Alecia Neo, Li-Chuan Chong and Deborah Emmanuel collaborate on this site-specific artwork at the Pasir Panjang Power Station which has been largely inaccessible to the public. This programme is organised by the Goethe-Institut Singapore and curated by Yeow Kai Chai, featuring 2 performance sessions.
Between Earth and Sky (2018)
What does the weight of caregiving look like? Whose weight do we bear? Can we share it? An intimate portrait of a community of caregivers and a performance project, Between Earth and Sky seeks to make visible the contributions and needs of caregivers who care for persons with mental illness. The lack of support and stigma towards mental health affects caregivers who often bear the emotional and financial weight of caring for their loved ones.
Homeostasis (2017)
A series of photographs and a video piece commissioned by Singapore Writer's Festival, featuring gestures and performances by invited collaborators from Kelab Alami, Banglar Kantha, Caregivers Alliance and Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School.
Both Sides, Now (2017 - 2019)
BOTH SIDES, NOW is a long term art-led community engagement project about what it means to live well, and leave well. What are our options if we want to die with dignity? How can we plan for the end, regardless of our age? How can we talk to our loved ones about our values and choices?
Unseen: Constellations (2014 - 2016)
Over two years, Unseen: Constellations provided a humble platform and network for exchange between students with visual-impairments and sighted persons. Beginning with a simple eight day creative workshop, Unseen: Constellations grew to involve volunteers and mentors from a diverse backgrounds working together with the students on their creative projects.
Garden of Being (2015)
Garden of Being (2015) explores rituals of the sacred and the everyday, bringing our attention to our interconnectivity with our world through water rituals in Bali and the intimate rituals revolving a Hindu Astrology house in Singapore.
Unseen Shift Lab (2015)
Unseen: Shift Lab is a collaboration between Alecia Neo, sound artist and musician Ng Chor Guan from Toccata Studio and theatre-makers Christopher Ling, Nandang Abdul Rahman, and Nicole-Ann Thomas from theatrethreesixty, in partnership with Dialogue In The Dark Malaysia. The artists ran a series of workshops in sound, performance, movement, narrative, and photography with members from Dialogue in the Dark, exploring ways of collaborating as a group and redirecting personal narratives.
Unseen: Touch Field (2014)
Unfolding like an endless topographical illustration, Touch Field depicts the cityscape of Taipei to be experienced in the dark, by the hand instead of the eye. The tactile installation is a development of Unseen, an on-going project that Neo first undertook with blind and sight-impaired participants at the Eden Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan, and the work now invites visitors to be immersed in – and experience – the reality of individuals who have lost or diminished sense of sight.
Resting on the Horizon (2012)
This work explores the precarious status, as well as the aspirations and dreams of migrant workers in Singapore, while challenging our perceptions of “the other” in our society.
Goddess of Mercy (2012)
Goddess of Mercy, draws parallels between two vastly different families, mothers and sons, and four different faiths. It is presented by recreating of two living rooms, simultaneously playing four videos revealing scenes of daily life from mother and son, that seem to echo each other. The video installations reflect upon how our experiences affect our faiths and actions, suggesting rituals as a necessary healing and coping mechanism. A commissioned by the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2012: Art and Faith.
Villa Alicia (2011)
VILLA ALICIA is a site specific work that pays tribute to the act of remembering and to the home of Dr Nalla Tan (88), a prominent physician, who lived with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, a few days before the entire 1950s style house is demolished. In August 2011, the Tan family will shift out of their home and leave behind 40 years of memories, which are embodied in this space. Out of this family’s relocation was born the opportunity and desire to explore the themes of memory, space and embodiment.
Public Conversations (2010)
Home Visits (2009)
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